TREATMENT at the 55th Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes

Some TREATMENT members, such as our coordinator Angela M. Valverde from CSIC, some supervisors as Jan Eriksson (UU)and John Jones (CNC) and our ESRs Vitor Da Silva (ESR1, CSIC), Diana Grajales (ESR 2, CSIC), Gaurang Patel (ESR4, CSIC), Assel Sanserbayeva (ESR6, UU) and Giada Di Nunzio (ESR8, CNC) have attended this Annual Meeting in Barcelona, Spain

Vitor Da Silva, Diana Grajales and Giada Di Nunzio also presented posters with their work within the Treatment project

The mission of EASD is to promote excellence in diabetes care through research and education

Since its foundation in 1965, EASD has been organising an Annual Meeting, which has become the largest international annual conference on diabetes research worldwide. Although the meetings have grown so dramatically, they are still driven by the academic traditions of the founding members. The EASD Meeting is a meeting of members where guests are welcome. Chairpersons of oral presentations and poster sessions are chosen exclusively from the EASD membership. The abstracts are evaluated on a strictly anonymous basis and the selection is based exclusively on the quality of the science, regardless of the place of work