Transcription factor NRF2: New opportunities for pharmaceutical innovations in chronic diseases


Ángela M. Valverde and María Monsalve, members of ITN TREATMENT, were invited to participate in the Transcription factor NRF2: New opportunities for pharmaceutical innovations in chronic diseases (11-13 of April, 2018). Ángela M. Valverde was invitated to participate with a presentation entitled “Targeting NRF2 in metabolic diseases” and María Monsalve as chairperson. This event was organized by Antonio Cuadrado, member of CiberNed.

April 11th
Arrival to Hotel Tryp Chamartin
17:30-18:15. Registration
18:15-18:30. Welcome
Antonio Cuadrado
Ana I. Rojo
Albena Dinkova-Kostova
18.30-20.30. Session I. Chair: Ana I. Rojo.
18:30-19:00. From the irreproducibility crisis towards a way forward for translational biomedicine. Harald Schmidt (abstract).
19:00-19:30. Targeting NRF2 in metabolic diseases. Angela M. Valverde (abstract)
19:30-20:00. Advances and needs for the clinical development of SFX-01. Stephen Franklin (abstract).
20:00-20:30. Potential Clinical Applications of Synthetic Triterpenoids Chemistry and Pharmacology. Michael B. Sporn (abstract).
April 12th.
9:00-11:00. Session II. Chair: Coral Barbas.
9:00-9:30. Targeting NRF2 for chemoprotection. Albena Dinkova-Kostova (abstract).
9:30-10:00. NRF2 in atherosclerosis. Anna-Lissa Levonen (abstract).
10:00-10:30. NRF2: a key stone for the development of drugs of the future. Rafael León (abstract).
10:30-11:00. NRF2 in Neurodegenerative Diseases. Antonio Cuadrado (abstract).
11:00-11-30. Coffee break
11:30-13:30. Session III. Chair: María Monsalve.
11:30-12:00. NRF2 in Liver Injury. John Hayes (abstract).
12:00-12:30. Advances and Needs for the Clinical Development of Bardoxolone Methyl and Derivatives. Sharon Cousin (abstract).
12:30-13:00. Clinical Trials Targeting NRF2 for Cancer Chemoprevention: Opportunities and Challenges. Thomas W. Kensler (abstract)
13:00-13:30. Relevance of NRF2 in Joint Conditions. María J. Alcaraz (abstract).
13:30-14:30. lunch
14:30-16:30. Session III. Chair: Ana Casas
14:30-15:00. Advances and Needs for the Clinical Development of NRF2 Activators in the Lung. William Rumsey (abstract).
15:00-15:30. New KEAP1 Inhibitors and their Impact on Mitochondrial Processing. Goeffrey Wells (abstract).
15:30-16:00. Non-electrophilic Activation of the NRF2 Pathway. Otis Attucks (abstract).
16:00-16:30. Electrophilic Fatty Acid Nitroalkenes: Endogenous Signaling Mediators and New Drug Candidates. Francisco Schopfer (abstract).
16:30 -17:30. Coffee and round table: Innovative Therapies Based on Targeting NRF2. What do we need?
Thomas W. Kensler
John Hayes
Albena Dinkova-Kostova
Harald Schmidt
Antonio Cuadrado
17:30-20:30. Session IV. Bilateral meetings
20:30. Shuttle to restaurant
21:00. Closing dinner (Restaurant Café de Oriente, in front of the Royal Palace)
April 13th
Bilateral meetings and departure