Successful 5th Symposium on Biomedical Research

School of Medicine UAM & IIBM

Over 180 students attended the 5th Symposium on Biomedical Research Advances and Perspectives
In Pharmacology, Drug Toxicity and Pharmacogenetics with 10 hours of lectures on pharmacology issues by national and international experts. The Symposium -held at the School of Medicine of the UAM and the IIBM- found out that the Pharmacognetics is not the future, it is the present. The 5th Symposium on Biomedical Research corresponds to the School 1 of ITN TREATMENT. The 15 early stage researchs (ESRs) participated with oral presentations in the closed session for members of TREATMENT. In addition, the ESRs Vitor Ferreira (ESR1), Diana Grajales (ESR2), Ramazan Yildiz (ESR3), Gaurang Patel (ESR4), Dora Koller (ESR12) and Mónica Ruiz (ESR13) took part of the Local Committee working in close coordination with the Organizing Committee. Thank you for your work!

Please find your Abstracts in the following link and also a nice video