Sangeetha Bupalan


I am Sangeetha, from a city called Chennai which is in the south east coast of India. I completed Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology at Chennai and Master’s degree in Applied Biotechnology at Uppsala University, Sweden. I did my master thesis under the guidance of Prof. Anders Virtanen at the Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology at Uppsala University. It was about silencing a gene involved in causing Telomere syndromes by using CRISPR-Cas9 and siRNA methods to study its functional significance. During the study, I designed and optimized the working conditions for the CRISPR and siRNA methods targeting different exons on mammalian cells. After completion of thesis work, I continued in the same as Research Assistant during which I was responsible for identification of CRISPR induced Zebra fish mutants using molecular techniques and course lab teaching for master programme students. Later, I worked as a Teaching assistant for summer course at Uppsala University. Currently, I am working under the supervision of Prof. Afshin Samali and Dr. Adrienne Gorman at Cell Stress Discoveries Limited (CSD) on TREATMENT project as ESR/Ph.D student.