Ramazan Yildiz


I am Ramazan and I was born in Turkey. I received my Molecular Biology and Genetics degree at Ege University. The title of my thesis was Characterization Of Novel Wnt/Beta-Catenin Pathway Targets. During my bachelor, I have organized one cancer genetics and one neurodegenerative disease symposium in Izmir. I worked at the University of Rochester as a Grad Student. Then I started my Master’s program in International Biomedicine and Genome Institute at Dokuz Eylul University in the lab of Yongsoo Park where I worked on ‘MicroRNA Exocytosis by Large Dense-Core Vesicle (LDCV) Fusion’. I won EMBO grant and with this grant, I joined the George Church lab at Harvard Medical School in Boston, US. I also published one paper from my master`s research. Now I am a Ph.D. student at IIBm Alberto Sols (CSIC-UAM).