Note on European Researcher’s Night 2017

The ITN-TREATMENT consortium had the opportunity of participating in the European Researchers’s Night celebrated on 30th September of 2017 at the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM). Because the ESRs students located in Madrid have recently started with their projects, they decided to base our activity about the effects of the diet on the liver, one of the main topics that are researched at Angela Valverde and Maria Monsalve laboratories.

The educational talk unraveled how the diet, and more concretely fat-enriched meals, can impact on the development of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), the most common liver disorder in developed countries. The talk also addressed the different stages of liver damage (steatosis, fibrosis, cirrhosis…) and explained the impact of the disease in public health.

Despite our talk was focused on adults, surprisingly we received the visit of some kids, who also learnt basis aspects of the liver physiology, for instance its position inside the body or the importance of healthy habits.

Finally, the assistants could check the difference between a healthy liver and liver with steatosis under the microscope.

By Diana Grajales