New Integrated Medical Genetics

NIMGenetics is a privately owned Spanish biomedical company specializing in the design and commercialization of products and services for clinical genetic diagnosis. It develops exclusive genomic products and services essentially based on two technologies; microarrays and Next-generation sequencing. The company has expanded the value of the high-performance genomic products and services to the international market, becoming a top leader in genomic analysis and human genetic diagnostic.

NIMGenetics is proprietary of microarray CGH designs and is provided with the most advanced Next Generation Sequencing technology. The Company has been set up two complete laboratories for the two main technologies used. Its facilities are equipped with state of the art technology from Agilent and Life Technologies, including array scanner and sequencing equipment, and provide service for patients, health providers and scientists. This institution will supervise 1 ESR, collaborate in co-supervision, and host Secondments for ITN-TREATMENT.