ITN TREATMENT at the 9th European Researchers Night in Coimbra

Giada Di Nunzio (ESR8) and Raphael Santamaria (ESR7) participated in the European Researchers Nigh 2018 at the CNC in Coimbra. The activity was focused on the NAFL disease via very interesting interactive games, demonstrations and public engagement. At CNC Açucarómetro/Gordurómetro (SUGARmeter/FATmeter) game was developed focusing on nutrition and its role on NAFLD. In this game participants have to classify food items in two different boards, one for sugars or carbohydrates, and the other one for fats. The goal was to place all food items correctly and if successful, the participant will manage to eliminate all the fat of our liver, which in this case is represented by color magnets placed in a cork liver.