Francisco Abad

Supervisor ESR12

Dr. Francisco Abad Santos has been the chief of department of Clinical Pharmacology Service of Hospital Universitario de La Princesa since 2011. He also directs the Clinical Trials Unit of Hospital Universitario de la Princesa, recently awarded with the certification ISO9001/2015. Dr. Abad is also the responsible of one node of Spanish Clinical Research Network (SCReN) from 2014. He is a member of CIBERed (CIBER in hepatical and digestive illness) and a member of different research and ethics committees (“Fundación de Investigación Biomédica Hospital Universitario La Princesa”, “Hospital Universitario La Princesa”, “Hospital Universitario de Burgos” (HUBU)). He has been the president of the Ethics Committee of Clinical Research of Hospital Universitario de La Princesa from 2007. Furthermore, he is an associated professor of the Pharmacology and Therapeutic Department (School of Medicine, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) from 2000 and he is actually the Coordinator and codirector of Master in the monitorization of clinical trials, organized by Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics of UAM. He has directed 10 doctoral thesis, 3 of whom are still ongoing, 7 Master students, 2 graduate students, as well as 2 technicians. His research has been recognized by the publication of 81 papers and the consecution of multiple projects of competitive concurrence. At the moment his research is focused on the following research lines although he also collaborates and participates in multiple projects.

1. Group description

Clinical pharmacology and pharmacogenetics

2. Pharmacology and pharmacogenetics

  • Pharmacogenetics of metabolizing enzymes and transporters
  • Clinical trials in healthy volunteers and patients
  • Evaluation of bioavailability and bioequivalence
  • Pharmacogenetics and epigenetics of psoriasis

3. TREATMENT project

  • ESR12

    ESR12 will evaluate the polymorphisms associated with antipsychotic responses inorder to identify patients that under antipsychotic treatment could develop alterations on glucose and lipid metabolism. The main objectives of this line of research are 1) To identify polymorphisms associated to metabolic syndrome after antipsychotic administration 2) To identify possible drug targets. ESR12 will identify polymorphisms associated to metabolic syndrome induced by antipsychotics. This will allow the establishment of genetic biomarkers to predict drug response. Genotyping patients before treatment will help physicians to decide therapy. Furthermore, ESR12 will undergo an open, controlled, randomised, crossover clinical trial in healthy volunteers (n≈50) at the Clinical Pharmacology Unit to evaluate the effect of a single dose or multiple doses (five days of continuous treatment) of olanzapine or aripiprazol. The subjects will be classified in two subgroups based on their metabolic profile. The analyte of olanzapine and aripiprazol will both be measured by mass spectrometry in the Analytical and Clinical Unit.

4. Current funded projects

  • “Study of epigenetic biomarkers associated with biological drugs response in the treatment of psoriasis.”Instituto de Salud Carlos III. Principal investigator: Francisco Abad Santos. From: 01/01/2013 to 31/01/2016 (extended until 01/12/2017)
  • “Plataform of Clinical Research Units and Clinical trials (SCReN)”. Instituto de Salud Carlos III (PT13/0002/0027). From: 01/01/2014 to 01/12/2017. Principal investigator: Francisco Abad Santos
  • Francisco Abad Santos participates as collaborator in CIBERhed Network for the study of hepatic and digestive diseases, Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Madrid (Spain).

5. Group members

  • Francisco Abad Santos, PhD, MD, Principal Investigator
  • Dolores Ochoa, PhD, MD Assistant director of the Clinical Trial Unit
  • Manuel Román, Clinical trials unit manager
  • Aneta Wojnicz, Postdoctoral researcher
  • María del Carmen Ovejero Benito, Postdoctoral researcher
  • Carmen Belmonte, PhD student
  • Miriam Saiz Rodríguez, PhD student with a Grant for Training Research Personnel (Ayudante Investigación Fondo Social Europeo, 2015)
  • Gina Paola Mejía Abril, MD Clinical Trial Associate Spanish Clinical Research Network
  • Samuel Martín Vilchez, PhD, Study coordinator
  • Pedro Gil Divasson, Clinical Trial Associate Spanish Clinical Research Network
  • María Eugenia Flores Ruiz, Clinical Trial Associate Spanish Clinical Research Network
  • María Talegón, Laboratory Technician
  • Irene Román, Assistant
  • Leticia Simón López, Nurse

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