Dora Koller


Dóra Koller graduated in Biology at “Eötvös Loránd University”, then continued her studies and received a master degree in Medical biotechnology at “Pázmány Péter Catholic University” and “Semmelweis University” in Budapest, Hungary. She was working for “Semmelweis University” and the “Hungarian Academy of Sciences” as an assistant researcher, then as a research fellow. Her research topics were the genetic background of type 1 and type 2 diabetes and their association with psychiatric diseases and investigating genetic and epigenetic factors influencing animal models, such as social behavior of different dog breeds. Dóra also spent 3 months at the Department of Health and Life Sciences (Genetics Unit) of “Universitat Pompeu Fabra”, Barcelona, Spain, where she was participated in a research about the genetic background of autism spectrum disorders and childhood apraxia of speech. She won an Erasmus + scholarship for that period spent in Barcelona. She also received a grant from the Hungarian republic for the last two semesters of her masters which they give students after two semesters of outstanding academic and professional achievement. She presented her results 4 times in international conferences and she is also a co-author in 2 papers.