Diana Grajales, ESR2 of TREATMENT, participated in the Women in Science Day 2019

Women in Science Day 2019

Diana Grajales, ESR2, participated in the Women in Science Day 2019 in Spain (https://11defebrero.org/)  by giving a talk to 15-18 years old students students in her High School, in Villena (Alicante, Spain), on 1st February 2019. The talk was divided into three main topics: inequality between women and men in science, the path that Diana followed for becoming a researcher and, finally, the insights of TREATMENT Project and its impact in the society. Apart for promoting the ITN-TREATMENT, the main aim of the talk was to awake the desire of becoming a scientist between the students, as well as concerning about the challanges that women are facing in the scientific career as well. One key point of the presentation was to strength the importance of movility in every stage of academia: Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Education, in addition to the opportunities for Erasmus and MSCA funding.