Barbara Kramar ESR11 of ITN TREATMENT attended 4 activities and participated in 2 events


Mónica Ruíz, ESR13 of ITN TREATMENT, attended 11 activities and participated in 4 events

By ITN TREATMENT    28.11.2018

ESRs of ITN TREATMENT attended the School 2 & MTR in Jerusalem

By ITN TREATMENT    26.11.2018

Francesca Forno, ESR9 of ITN TREATMENT, with the Nobel Prize Roger Kornberg

By ITN TREATMENT    07.11.2018

Raphael Santamaria, ESR7 of ITN TREATMENT, attended the MitoPorto 2018

By University of Porto    25.10.2018

Eugenia Carvalho, member of ITN TREATMENT, has published new results

By ITN TREATMENT    11.09.2018

Daniel Callau (ESR4) attended the course “Hands on the rodent brain”

By University of Minho    27.06.2018

María Monsalve, coordinator of ITNTREATMENT, attended the SFRRI Meeting 2018

By SFRRI    14.06.2018

Ángela M. Valderde at the Annual Conference of ciberdem

By ciberdem    25.05.2018

María Monsalve colaborated with the 1st PhD Research Symposium in Health Sciences and Biomedicine

By School of Medicine UAM    25.05.2018

Gaurang Patel participated in the CONSOLREDOX Meeting

By CONSOLREDOX network    26.04.2018

Ramazan Yildiz participated in the CONSOLREDOX Meeting

By CONSOLREDOX network    26.04.2018

María Monsalve was invited by the University of Brescia

By University of Brescia    17.04.2018

Transcription factor NRF2: New opportunities for pharmaceutical innovations in chronic diseases

By ciberNed    17.04.2018

ITN TREATMENT Collaborating Centre of the WHO

By ITN TREATMENT    12.04.2018

Successful 5th Symposium on Biomedical Research

By ITN TREATMENT    04.04.2018