Boaz Tirosh, PI of ITN TREATMENT, participated in a Meeting in China

By ITN TREATMENT    14.03.2019

Ramazan Yildiz, ESR3 of ITN TREATMENT, is on Secondment at NIMGenetics

By ITN TREATMENT    01.03.2019

ESRs of ITN TREATMENT at the General Assembly and Annual Conference 2019

By ITN TREATMENT    01.03.2019

Barbara Kramar and María Monsalve participated in the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

By ITN TREATMENT    20.02.2019

Mónica Ruíz, ESR13 of ITN TREATMENT, participates in the promotional campaign of NIMGenetics

By ITN TREATMENT    12.02.2019

Diana Grajales, ESR2 of TREATMENT, participated in the Women in Science Day 2019

By ITN TREATMENT    01.02.2019


By ITN TREATMENT    13.01.2019


By ITN TREATMENT    07.12.2018

ITN TREATMENT promotional video

By ITN Treatment    16.11.2018

Ángela M. Valverde, coordinator of ITN TREATMENT, took part in a round table for the Diabetes Day

By MSD    13.11.2018

The Week of Science and Innovation starts today in Madrid

By madrid+d    05.11.2018

Vitor Ferreira, Barbara Kramar and Francesca Forno on Secondment

By ITN TREATMENT    22.10.2018

Ángela M. Valverde, coordinator of ITN TREATMENT, was interviewed

By Fundación Teófilo Hernando    22.10.2018

Juan Cruz Cigudosa, member of ITN TREATMENT, was interviewed by Diario Médico

By Diario Médico    03.10.2018

Ángela Valverde, coordinator of ITN TREATMENT, is at EASD 2018 in Berlín

By EASD    01.10.2018

ITN TREATMENT at the 9th European Researchers Night in Madrid

By ITN TREATMENT    27.09.2018