Article by M. Monsalve, coordinator of TREATMENT, for SEBBM


Second Generation Antipsychotics impact in insulin secretion and beta cell function might mediate prediabetes development


Evaluation of genetic polymorphisms associated with the metabolic effects of olanzapine and aripiprazole


Barbara Kramar ESR11 of ITN TREATMENT attended 4 activities and participated in 2 events


ESR 12 of TREATMENT at the World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics, 2019

By ITN TREATMENT    26.11.2019

TREATMENT members at the VIII Foro de Esquizofrenia by CIBERSAM in Madrid

By ITN TREATMENT    24.11.2019

ITN TREATMENT at the Cluster Event on Persolanized Medicine in Madrid.

By ITN TREATMENT    08.11.2019

Our coordinator, Maria Monsalve, on the radio

By ITN TREATMENT    28.10.2019

Our supervisor, Boaz Tirosh from HUJI, at the Endoplasmic Reticulum Conference in Paris

By ITN TREATMENT    18.10.2019

ITN TREATMENT at the X European Researchers Night in Ljubljana

By ITN TREATMENT    02.10.2019

ITN TREATMENT at the X European Researchers Night in Madrid

By ITN TREATMENT    01.10.2019

Barbara Kramar, ESR11 of ITN TREATMENT, participated in the 13th Meeting of the Slovenian Biochemical Society

By ITN TREATMENT    27.09.2019

TREATMENT at the 55th Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes

By ITN TREATMENT    20.09.2019

Diana Grajales, ESR2 of ITN TREATMENT, participated in the 7th DZD Diabetes Research School

By ITN TREATMENT    14.09.2019

TREATMENT at the Symposium on New Horizons in Diabetes Research. 100 year anniversary of Göran Gustafsson

By ITN TREATMENT    12.09.2019

María Monsalve, coordinator of Treatment, and Gaurang Patel, ESR4, participated in the 42nd Congress of SEBBM

By ITN TREATMENT    25.07.2019