Behavioral & Molecular Lab

Bn’ML – Behavioral & Molecular Lab appears in 2012 as a Start-up of the Portuguese University of Minho, in close association with the Life and Health Sciences Research Institute (ICVS), which integrates the ICVS/3B´s – a Portuguese Government Associate Laboratory. Bn´ML mission is to optimize the sorting process of therapeutic compounds, in a preclinical phase, sustaining the investment associated with the transition to a later clinical-trials phase. The company delivers customized behavioral and molecular analysis services for testing the potential of new therapeutic compounds. Bn’ML provides on-time and cost-effective services using pre-validated and reliable animal models of disease.

Relate to ITN-TREATMENT, ICVS is equipped with a technological platform that includes a fully equipped Centre for Animal Experimentation with areas for the behavioral studies with the animal models of schizophrenia that will be shared by the different beneficiaries of the consortium. This institution will supervise 1 ESR, co- supervisise 1 ESR and host secondments.