Alessandra Macaluso


I am Alessandra from Italy. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and Master’s degree in Medical Biotechnologies and Molecular Medicine, both at Palermo University, Italy.  I followed an Intenship at the Tumor Immnunology Unit.  under the supervision of Prof. Claudio Tripodo . It was about the interactions between the immune system and the tumor micro-environment Currently, I am working under the supervision of Prof. Afshin Samali and Dr. Adrienne Gorman at Cell Stress Discoveries Limited (CSD) on TREATMENT project as ESR/Ph.D student. The main lines of my work are:

Research on the Unfolded Protein Response and cellular stress, especially Endoplasmatic Reticulum stress effects.
Cell culture of different PDAC cells, conducting invasion assay, migration assay and Western Blot.
Testing effects of drugs and inhibitors of UPR response on different cells
Acquisition and analysis of images using Incucyte